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Swing Gate Operator 6100

Door King Swing Gate Operator 6100


The Door King 6100 swing gate operators offer convenience, reliability and quiet operation in an aesthetically pleasing design. These operators are ideally used for residential and commercial applications for both single and bi-parting gate operation. The unique design of these operators allow the gate arm to rotate from underneath the operator, creating an aesthetically pleasing installation and allowing the arm to attach to the bottom rail of the gate, were it is virtually unseen from outside the gate. This is an important feature since attaching the gate arm here does not require any unsightly cross bars to be welded to the gate and the bottom rail is one of the strongest points on the gate. These operators are designed to be pad or post mounted to meet almost any installation requirement without any costly and time consuming field modifications. The 6100 can be equipped with a factory installed DC Convenience Open option which will automatically open the gate in the event of a power outage.


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Door King Swing Gate Operator 6100
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