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Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates come in aluminum, steel or chain link.

Cantilever slide gates are typically built up to 50% larger than the gate opening they are designed to close. The concept is to hang the gate on two or more mounting posts and have the gate suspend off these mounting posts into the gate opening to close. In general, no part of the gate comes in contact with the ground directly, or indirectly with any type of wheel. Instead, these slide gates 'cantilever' to close.

It is imperative that the cantilever gate frame be constructed properly to help withstand the forces of gravity and wind. Intricate diagonal bracing and trusses are usually strategically welded in place to help prevent gate sag.
Cantilever gates have several advantages:

  1. No part of the gate comes in contact directly or indirectly with the   ground which makes cantilever gates easy to automate with gate operators.
  2. Gates can often be installed perfectly level.
  3. Proper design, fabrication, and installation of a cantilever gate reduces friction during its operation, prolonging the life of the gate operator chosen for the job.
  4. Gate hardware provides smooth operation and low maintenance.
  5.  A cantilever gate features the ability to slide along the fence line without requiring any lateral space as swing type gates demand.

Steel cantilever gates are typically constructed with galvanized tubing.  Steel or nylon rollers are mounted to the mounting posts, normally two at the top and two at the bottom.  The gate is basically “sandwiched” in between the top and bottom rollers and slides to open and close.   Roller covers are used to protect the “pinch” points of the gate. 

chain link cantilever

Aluminum cantilever gates are typically made entirely of aluminum.   A heavy duty aluminum gate track is welded to, or is part of the gate frame itself.   This is called an internal track. Most often, top track cantilever gates are more popular but bottom track cantilever gates are also available. Internal track slide gate systems have become increasingly popular for use with chain link and ornamental slide gates. The basic top track system consist of a heavy duty aluminum track which is either bolted or welded near the top of the gate frame. Slide gate trucks/ trolleys are then bolted to truck hanger brackets which are then bolted to the two posts. Two lower guide roller assemblies are mounted to the bottom of two gate posts to keep the bottom of the gate in place. Due to the internal track design of the slide gate, pinch points are nearly eliminated completely and moving parts are kept out of the weather.

aluminum cantilever gate

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