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Panic Bar

What is a Panic Bar?

panic bar with alarm

A panic bar (also known as a crash bar, exit device, panic device, or a push bar) is a mechanism for unlatching a door, consisting of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the front of the door (the side of the door that opens outward) and hinged. It is operated by pushing on it, which unlatches and opens the door.

Many countries' building codes require them on all fire and emergency exits. They are so named because they can be operated by someone "crashing" into them; the alternate term "panic bar" implies a similar meaning. Many of these doors are one-way, and cannot be opened from the outside. To use this device on a two-way door, another type of door handle must be mounted on the opposite side.

There are many different types and varieties of panic bars from which to choose. Call One Stop Access. We can help.

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